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Network Implimentation & Management

Network Implimentation & Management

GC Networks Integrated Engineering Limited provides the resources and expertise to plan, design and implement Information Technology solutions for its clients.

GC Networks Integrated Engineering Limited leverages on its expertise in network design and project management to develop comprehensive network solutions that are strategically aligned with our client's immediate and future goals. We provide solutions optimized to meet the clients specific business needs, delivery time and budget requirements. All our solutions have Remote Network Management abilities.

The need to embark on these types of networking stems from the fact that business need wide area enterprise networks that can accommodate the dynamics of change (LAN, WAN, MAN). Planning and implementing of such a network is not an easy task because many technology and business issues must be addressed.

Firstly, the enterprise network must serve some flexible organizational structure and maintain a free flow of information to bring resources where they are needed through out the enterprise. The network must provide cost effective solutions for multi-vendor connectivity base upon standards over both public and private facilities.

Secondly, the network must be easy to change, easy to operate and easy to manage. And the network must be easy to use; so that end users do not have to be retrained as the network grows or absorbs new communications and network technologies.

Thirdly, networking should improve efficiency on a corporate wide basis. Connectivity and interoperability among multi-vendor, departmental computing systems are major considerations for planning and implementing a cost-effective network.

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